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Anna Jane McIntyre

Don't Argue with Ghosts: Crow

Don't Argue with Ghosts: Frog

Don't Argue with Ghosts: Bat

Don't Argue with Ghosts: Snake

Don't Argue with Ghosts

Don't Argue with Ghosts is a series that playfully explores our relationship to ourselves. I don't believe in a heirarchy amongst life forms. I know that an ant is just as attached to its life as we are ours. In fact, I am suspicious about many of the stories that are circulating in society. The more stories there are about it, the more I know that whatever it is is probably not a known fact, but simply a decided narrative. We borrow elements from our ancestors and the earth and we make a life. Sometimes we are called to battle by ghosts/demons/bad habits. I am a fighter but

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