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Anna Jane McIntyre

The Circus & the Pimp's Jalopy

Montreal, 2009

The Circus & the Pimp’s Jalopy is an ongoing multimedia installation project. This first incarnation was set in the theatre-like scene of a shadowy forest clearing in a dilapidated warehouse. Using a collage of clichéd pop culture experiences (circus waltzes, crowd sounds, popcorn smells, costumed performers) to quickly communicate a carnival atmosphere the piece works to create a space that is both achingly familiar and unsettlingly foreign. Objects and performers repeat strange behavioural loops using familiar items in new contexts. What can it all mean? How does perception structure experience? This work seeks to intrigue viewers into a heightened sense of the present as they become conscious discerners of their immediate surroundings.

Special thanks to the Circus Cast:

Michelle Cantin-Reid
Julie Karman
Martine Lemieux
Amanda Mo
Hisako Noguchi
Katja Phillips
Svea Vikander
and Pamela Lamb for video footage!

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