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Anna Jane McIntyre

The Thing about George

The Thing about George

Café Concret at Festival OUF!
March 1, 2016 at 8 pm

Pavillon du Parc Saint-Viateur
525, avenue Bloomfield,Montréal, H2V 1V5

An existentialist androgyne and a candybutcher walk into a bar....O George!! What are you up to? What exquisite eye makeup you have!! Come and see The Thing about George featuring a quirky circus ticket seller and a peppy candybutcher. This performance art piece explores the nebulous delectability of language, context, culture and meaning


In the Beginning

In the Beginning...

This project was created for my multi-media installation La forêt noire by my brother Neil McIntyre.

The soundscape is a story told on both a micro and macro scale telling the tale of my family, the transatlantic slave trade and the evolution of life on earth through an abstract narrative. The soundscape features sounds from our family archives and links moments in England, Trinidad & Tobago and Canada.

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